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Our Work

Here, we proudly showcase the breadth and depth of some of our accomplished projects, each a testament to our commitment to excellence in tourism development. Each project reflects our tailored approach, grounded in thorough analysis, recommendations for strategic development, operational excellence, creation of compelling touristic products, and capacity building. Discover the impact of our work, the challenges we've overcome, and the innovative solutions we've implemented to foster sustainable growth and enrich tourism experiences.

Tourism expert, tourism management consultant

Reviving Tourism in Uzbekistan

Under UN Tourism contract, we led a project in Uzbekistan, collaborating with the EBRD, government, and local tourism stakeholders to revive tourism post-COVID-19. We developed safety protocols, digital training platforms, and a certification system for tourism entities, ensuring adherence to health guidelines. Our efforts facilitated a safe, resilient tourism recovery, setting a benchmark for future initiatives in sustainable tourism development.

Strategic Domestic Marketing

For UN Tourism, we conducted a thorough situation analysis to understand the domestic tourism landscape in Uzbekistan. This allowed us to tailor our domestic marketing strategy effectively, focusing on customer segmentation to identify distinct traveler needs and preferences. Based on these insights, we proposed new, relevant touristic products that resonate with various segments, ensuring a broad appeal. Our efforts were geared towards revitalizing the local tourism sector by making it more accessible and attractive to Uzbekistan's residents, thereby fostering economic growth and cultural appreciation within the community.

Tourism expert, tourism management consultant
Tourism expert, tourism management consultant

Saudi Tourism Training

We conducted a comprehensive capacity-building program for the Saudi Tourism Authority. Our tailored training sessions focused on enhancing the skills and knowledge of their team in sustainable and innovative tourism practices, digital marketing strategies, and customer service excellence. Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, we empowered the authority to elevate Saudi's tourism sector, aligning with the kingdom's vision for cultural enrichment and economic growth

Cultural Strategy

We designed and delivered the Strategic Cultural Management course specifically for the top management team of a leading university in Kazakhstan. This course was meticulously designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in cross-cultural management settings. Through engaging case studies, individual and group projects, we delved into the complexities of managing in diverse cultural landscapes. We focused on developing critical competencies such as navigating ambiguity, resolving intergroup conflicts, and enhancing cross-cultural communication. Anchored in anthropological studies, the course provided insights into the cultural variables influencing global business operations and the management of multicultural teams. It was a comprehensive journey toward understanding the nuanced impact of cultural differences on management practices, aimed at preparing participants for successful international careers.

Tourism expert, tourism management consultant

Swiss Hospitality Excellence

In partnership with AHLEI and the Swiss Hotel Association, we've delivered unparalleled training programs in Switzerland, specifically tailored for professionals in leading Swiss hotels. This initiative underscores our commitment to capacity building within the hospitality sector, equipping industry experts with globally recognized skills. Successful candidates were awarded a prestigious certification, marking a significant milestone in their professional development.

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